18/11-06 Int.nat. Hamar, Nordic Winner Show 2006
Judge: Marit Sunde, Norway

Whisborne Cappuccino: certificate, Nordic Junior Winner, BOB & Nordic Winner -06!

Some other great news from the Agility ring:

Statesman Discovery: Certificate & Agility Champion!!!

CONGRATULATIONS KARI & "DISCO"! We are sooo proud of you!!!


11-12/11-06 Nat. All Breed, Orkanger
Judge: Leif Herman Wilberg, Norway

Tutta, Carillo Atlanta could celebrate her 2nd birthday as a new Champion!!!

Certificate, BOB, BIG & BIS-2!!!

BIS judge: Agnes Ganami, Israel

Judge:Benny Blid, Sweden

Fiddle-Stick`s Party at Statesman: BOB & group-3

Statesman Cocktail Parti: BOS

Statesman Cocktail Parti

Bajas - The Lhasa:
Judge: Agnes Ganami, Israel

Whisborne Cappuccino: certificate, BOB & group-3.   

Judging the group: Leif Ragnar Hjort, Norway


, Int. Nord. Fin, N, S. Ch. Lv. Ch. Est. Ch. EstonianWinner-06 Truly Yours Pure Chocolate
is finnaly back home after spending 4 months in Finland with
Sanna Vartiainen.
THANK YOU Sanna for taking such excellent care of Koko. It was a real pleasure to see her in your hands.


Statesman Discovery and her owner Kari Hindrum did it again!
Congratulations with Agility Certificate!



1/10-06 American Cocker Spaniel Club Show, Finland
Judge: Gay Ernst, Kennel Begay`s, USA

Koko, Int. Ch. Truly Yours Pure Chocolate became Best Ascob Bitch
and ended up as Best In Show-6 among 82 entries!



1/10-06 All Breed Puppy Show, Trondheim
Judge: Hanne Berit Husby, Norway

Fiddle-Stick`s Party at Statesman: BOB, BIG & BIS-2!!!



30/9-06 All Breed Puppy Show, Verdal
Judge: Marianne Holmli, Norway

Statesman Cocktail Parti: BOB, BIG & BIS-2!!!

Vakker helhet. Velskåret, delikat hode. Super overlinje. Velkroppet.
Meget gode frambensbevegelser. Særdeles gode bakbensbevegelser.
Super pelskvalitet. Effektive bevegelser sett fra siden.
Velvist. Trivelig temperament.

Congratulations Vanja & Ziri!


3/9-06 Norwegian Toy Dog Club Speciality Show
, avd.trøndelag
Judge: Per Svarstad, Sweden

Whisborne Cappuccino: certificate, BOB & Best in Show 2!!!

                                                                                                   photos: Marianne Holmli

...three certificates, one BOS and two Best Of Breed in one week - only 9 months old!
Way to go Bajas!


2/9-06 Spaniel Speciality, Rygge
Judge: Rolf Solheim, Norway

Statesman Deep Purple: certificate & 2nd best bitch

Well done "Pepita" and Fie!!!


2/9-06 Nat. All Breed, Steinkjer
Judge: Michael Forte, Irland

Whisborne Cappuccino: certificate, Best Of Breed & Group-5

Judge: Frank Christiansen, Norway

Statesman Parti Time: BOB, BIG & BIS 2!!!

Statesman Parti Dude: 2nd best male

Statesman Cocktail Parti: Best Of Opposite

Group judge: Per Svarstad, Sweden
BIS judge: Arne Foss, Norway



27/8-06 Nat.All Breed, Trondheim
Judge: Vincent O`Brian

Whisborne Cappuccino: certificate & Best Of Opposite


American Cockers:
Judge:Joao V. Lisboa

Statesman Drop Dead Gorgeous: certificate & 2nd best bitch

Congratulations to her owner Oddveig M. Berg!!!



Statesman Cocktail Parti: Best Of Breed & Group-1! 

Statesman Let`s Parti: Best Of Opposite

Group judge: Hans V D Berg, Holland

Ziri, Statesman Cocktail Parti


26/8-06 Nat.All Breed, Trondheim Dog Festival
Judge: Susan Petik, Hungary

Carillo Atlanta: certificate, BOB & Group-1!

Statesman Deep Devine: cc, 3rd best bitch

Carillo Atlanta


Statesman Let`s Parti: Best Of Breed & Group-2. Owner: Oddveig M. Berg. Congratulations!

Statesman Cocktail Parti: Best Of Opposite


20/8-06 Int.nat. Tallin Winner Show, Estonia
Judge: Zeev Trainin, Israel

Int.Ch. Nord, N, S, Fin, Lv. Ch. Truly Yours Pure Chocolate:

certificate, Estonian Champion, Estonian Winner 2006, Cacib, Bob & Group-2!

You make our day Sanna! Congratulations!!!


Just have to share with you -
some lovely photos of Sanna & Koko from Lativa


13/8-06 Int.nat. Bjerke, Norway

Statesman Discovery: Agility Certificate!!!

photo: Hilde Rognlien

Congratulations to the owner Kari Hindrum and "Disco"! We are so proud!


12/8-06 Int.nat. Latvia
Judge: Ewa Nielssen, Sweden

Sanna & Koko did it again!
3 Cacib and 3 new titles in a week!

Int.Ch. Nord Ch. S, N, Fin Ch: Truly Yours Pure Chocolate: certificate, Latvian Champion, Cacib & BOS!



6/8-06 Int.nat. Kuopio, Finland
Judge: Gert Christensen, Denmark


CH. Truly Yours Pure Chocolate: Cacib & 2nd best bitch



5/8-06 Int.nat. Kuopio, Finland
Judge: Adolfo Spector, Argentina ( Kennel Gran Aldea )

Ch.Truly Yours Pure Chocolate: Cacib & Best Of Opposite!

Critic saying:
Very feminine. Excellent head. Excellent bite. Lovely showmanship. Excellent topline."

photo: Outi Heikkinen

Thanks again Sanna and Koko!


4/8-06 Nat. All Breed, Kuopio, Finland
Judge:Javier Sanchez, Spain

Ch. Truly Yours Pure Cocholate: certificate, Finnish Champion & Best Of Breed!

Critic saying:
"Top class bitch in type & balance & outline.
Excellent angulations and shoulders. Excellent coat quality and grooming.
Feminine head in balance with the rest of the body.
Moves very well with excellent drive and action of the tail."

Koko, Ch. Truly Yours Pure Chocolate are groomed, shown and loved by Sanna Vartiainen
during Koko`s summer holiday in Finland.
Thank you Sanna for this great win!!!

Sanna & Koko

Koko with her friends in Finland -
Melissa, Ricky and Sanna



We proudly present you!

Dollar, Fiddle-Stick`s Party at Statesman

3 months of age

Thank you so much Susanne for trusting us with this outstandig puppy!

c/o with Kennel Pei-Fang


2/7-06 Spaniel Speciality, Trondheim, Norway
udge: Jessie B.Madsen, Denmark

Carillo Atlanta: certificate, BOB & BIS!!!

Statesman Deep Devine: cc, 2nd best bitch


1/7-06 Int.nat Trondheim, Norway
Judge: Bertil Lundgren, Sweden

Statesman Deep Devine: certificate, 4th best bitch

 Multi ch. Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto: 2nd best male

Handler: Anette, our daughter. Thank you Anette for showing Leon perfectly!!!
We are so proud of you!
At the picture, Anette & Leon number four from the left.
Photographer:Our son, Adrian, 6 years old ;)


25/6-06  Nat. all breed Oppdal, Norway
Judge: Rita Kadike-Skadina, Latvia

Carillo Atlanta: certificate, BOB & group-3


Leon - The Frenchie, Ch.Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto: BOB & group-1!

judge: Kirsti Lummilampi, Finland


24/6-06 Nat. all breed Oppdal, Norway
Judge: Rodi Hubenthal, Norway

Carillo Atlanta: certificate, BOB & group-2


Ch.Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto: BOB & group-2
Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen, Denmark

...and our Lhasa Whisborne Cappuccino became Best Of Breed puppy & group-2



photos:Svein I.Engevold

Congratulations Disco, Statesman Discovery and her owner Kari Hindrum
for many great wins so far this year!

Nannestad; feilfri 2. plass i agility, feilfri 1. plass i hopp
Stovner (dag 1); feilfri 1. plass i agility
Stovner (dag 2); feilfri 1. plass i agility, feilfri 2. plass i hopp
Eidsvoll; feilfri 1. plass i hopp


10/6-06 Norwegian Kennel Club, avd trøndelag All Breed Puppy Show
Judge: Barbro Myrseth Gjerde, Norway

Whisborne Cappuccino: BOB & group-2



28/5-06 Spaniel Speciality, Hønefoss, Norway
Judge: David Shields, England

Among 22 bitches in the winner class,
Statesman Deep Devine took the certificate -
and ended up as the 3rd best bitch among 29 bitches in the best bitch class.
We are so proud of our young girl!

photo: Vanja Sliwa


28/5-06 Bulldog Speciality, Hokksund, Norway
Judge: Arne Foss, Norway

Ch. Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto: Best Of Opposite!



29/4-06  Nat. All Breed, Stange, Norway
Judge: Vincent O`Brian

Carillo Atlanta: certificate, 2nd best bitch

..and our Lhasa Whisborne Cappuccino won Best of Breed puppy.
Judge: Liv Ramsjø, Norway


Agility All Breed Beginner List 2005

Statesman Discovery was #3!

Congratulations to Disco and her owner Kari Hindrum!


2/4-06 All Breed Puppy Show, Melhus
Judge: Arne Foss, Norway

Statesman Deep Divine: BOB & group-2


Whisborne Cappuccino

4 months old



Fiddle-Stick`s Hang Around

Thank you Susanne - we love him!

Proud owners:

Kennel Statesman & Kennel Amshow


5/3-06 All Breed Puppy Show, Tr.heim, Norway
Judge: Siv Sandø, Norway

Statesman Deep Divine: BOB, BIG & 2 BIS!

Statesman Excalibur: BOS


Finally he is here!

Kennel Statesman proudly present the new addition to our family

Lhasa Apso
Whisborne Cappuccino


                                              7,5 weeks old

Our deepest gratitude goes to Annika & Harald Ulltveit-Moe for trusting us with this beautiful puppy.


26/2-06  Int.nat. Bø, Norway
Judge: Rita Reyniers, Belgia

Carillo Atlanta: certificate, res.cacib, 2nd best bitch


19/2-06 All Breed Puppy Show, Sørumsand
Judge:Anne Marit Traanholt, Norway

Statesman Deep Purple: BOB & group-2

Congratulations Pepita and Sofie!


Ch. Truly Yours Pure Chocolate:

The Top Winning bitch in Norway 2005!

- and the runner up American Cocker of the year.

Thank you Koko!


28/1-06 All Breed Puppy Show, Dora
Judge: Birgit Westgård, Norway

Statesman Deep Divine: BOB & group-2.