"Leon" Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto : is the Top Winning French Bulldog Of The Year in Norway 2003! 
(according The French Bulldog Club of Norway )

Int.nasj Hamar, NW-03
Judge; Terry Thorn, England

Ch. Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto; cc, cacib, BOB, Norwegian Winner-03 and group-5

Nasj All Breed show Orkanger
judge; Jean Lanning, England

Morizette Jalapeno; certificate, 2nd best bitch

Ch. Carillo Arctic XO; cc, BOB, BIG and BIS!

...Many thanks to Bjarne Sørensen and Frank Kristiansen; group and BIS judges.

Int.nasj. Væxsjø, Sweden, SV-03
judge; Kenneth Edh, Sweden

Karl Eddie and "Leon" went to the Swedish Winner show, and had a very successful day in big competition!

Ch.Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto; cc, cacib, BOB, Swedish Winner -03 and group-5. Judging the group; Ann Ingram, England


The puppies are her! More information, see "puppies" page..

Nasj All breed show Steinkjer
judge:Kerstin Nilsson, Denmark

"Leon", Ch. Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto did it again!!!

Thanks to judges Kerstin Nilsson and Hans Van Den Berg, Netherland.

"Mine", Morizette Jalapeno went to the same show and became the 2nd best bitch with certificate.
judge: Svend Løvenkjær, Denmark


We got the news from FCI to day that our kennelname finally are approved!


Nasj All breed show, Tr.heim Dogfestival
judge: Jacki Jackson

Ch.Carillo Arctic XO: cc, BOB and group-2

Morizette Jalapeno: cc, 3rd best bitch

              BOS Con-Brio`s Baby Blue

The frenchie, Leon
judge: Martin Croeser

Ch Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto: cc, BOB, BIG and BIS!....AGAIN! ;-))

Leon`s handler?...who knows ;-))

Thanks to breed judge Martin Croeser and group / BIS judge Ann Ingram!

...and the second day he became 2BIS Festval Winner!
judge: Jacki Jackson

... american cockers
judge: Ann Ingram

Ch Carillo Arctic XO: cc, 2nd best dog

Morizette Jalapeno: certificate, 2nd best bitch

Int. nasj Oslo
judge Anja Puumala, Finland

Ch Carillo Arctic XO: cc, cacib, BOS Qualified for Crufts 2004

Morizette Jalapeno: cc, 3rd winner

BOB Caci Cute Carmen

AND.....WHAT a frenchie weekend!!!.....
Int. nasj Oslo
judge Liz Cartledge, England

Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto:. cc, cacib BOB and BIG! Qualified for Crufts 2004

group judge: Kirsti Lummelampi, Finland

The day after "Leon" became BIS at the French Bulldog Speciality!
Judge Terry Cartwright, Australia

..and  res. BIS at the Int nasj. show
Judge Agnes Ganami, Israel


Norwegian kennel club nasj. show in Otta
judge: Lisbeth Campbell, Norway

"Leon" Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto: certificate, champion, BOB and res-group.

American cockers
judge: Eivind Mjærum, Norway

Carillo Arctic XO: cc, 2nd best dog

Morizette Jalapeno: cc, res.best bitch

Spaniel Speciality Tr.heim
Judge: Tarja Hovila, Finland

Ch. Carillo Arctic XO: BOB and BIS2.

Morizette Jalapeno:  certificate, BOS.

...and at the Norwegian Kennel Club show the same day,
"Sparky" Ch. Carillo Spark O`Fire:
cacib, BOB, res.group.
Ch. Carillo Sweet Cookie, owners Jan Kolpus/Kari G Hansen
Judge: Frank Christiansen/ Anne Indergaard, Norway

Nasj.All Breed Show Oppdal
Judge: Rodi Hubentahl, Norway

Ch. Carillo Arctic XO: BOB, group-2

Morizette Jalapeno: certificate, BOS.

Siberian Husky
judge: Anne Indergaard, Norway

Ch. Carillo Spark O`Fire: BOB, group-2

Carillo Showstopper: certificate, champion, BOS>
New pics of "Vilde" on her page

...and "Leon" the frenchie: certificate, BOB, BIG and 2BIS!
Thanks to breed judge Wera Hubentahl and group/ BIS judge Rodi Hubentahl

Nasj.All Breed Show Oppdal
Judge: Moa Persson, Sweden

Our frenchie, "Leon" Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto: certificate/BOB, BIG and BIS!!!
Thank`s to judge Moa Persson who also judge the group and BIS.


Int.nasj Drammen
judge: Karin Brostam, Sweden

Ch. Carillo Arctic XO: 3rd best dog/res.cacib

Morizette Jalapeno: 3rd best bitch/res.cacib

Siberian Husky
judge: Mona Selbach, Norway

Ch. Carillo Spark O`Fire: BOS/cacib 


WW show Dortmund
judge: Rafael de Santiago, PR

Truly Yours No-Way-Out: Best Open black male/CAC

Morizette Jalapeno: Best buff Junior female!

"Sambo" in the middle

"Mine" best buff junior female

...and our frenchie, "Leon" Ottobyen`s Perfect Otto, became the 3rd best junior out of 16.
judge: Jaques Mulin, F

"Sparky" Int.ch Carillo Spark O`Fire, our husky male was unplaced.
judge: James Reynolds, CDN

Spaniel Club Main Show
judge John Hartley

Ch. Carillo Arctic XO: BOB, 5BIS

Morizette Jalapeno: certificate and the 2nd best bitch.